CowTrails Radio Show 10-23-16

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails Radio Show 10-23-16

Tom Horn        Michael Hurwitz    Cowboy Fandango
Cattle Kate        Trinity Seely    Trinity Seely
The Burning of the Brand        Dave Munsick    Forever West
The Hunter’s Return        Keeter Stuart    Ghost Riders, Searchers & Cowpokes
Navajo Rug        Ian Tyson    Cowboyography
Fire of the West        Mike Beck    Cowboys & Angels
Blue Shadows On The Trail        Roy Rogers    Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Disc 1)
Jesse James        The Sons Of The Pioneers    Sunset on the Range
The Texas Cannonball        Johnny Bond    Songs Of The Golden West
Wyoming Cowgirl Song        Brenda Libby    Chilled
Bass Reeves        R.W. Hampton    This Cowboy
I’ve Been Everywhere        Bar D Wranglers    The Winner
Muley Was a Railroad Man     Red Steagall    The Wind, The Wire And The Rail
The Old Narrow Gauge        Bill Clark    The Man I Am
Silver Line        Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line
Three Nooses        Mary Kaye    Clean Outta Luck
Big Muddy        Randy Smith/Mag Mawhinney    a little r&r
Zebra Dun        Jerry Bell    Pride of The West
Rock Salt And Nails        Ed Wahl    Keeping The West Alive
Clayton Boone    Andy Hedges    Cowboy Songster Vol. 2
Prairie Rose        Luke Reed    Luke Reed’s Modern Western Civilization
Pretty Pauline        Jill Jones & The Lone Star Chorale New Day
When I Was A Cowboy        Gary Allegrettto And Ian Espinoza Allegretto / Espinoza
Out Here        Wylie & The Wild West    Hooves Of The Horses
Heaven Without Horses        James Michael    Meadowlark
The Ghost Of Laredo        David John And The Comstock Cowboy Gather Round Cowboys
El Diablo        Ramsey Kearney    Take A Walk
Appaloosa        Bobby Wayne    Big Train
Appaloosa        Peggy Malone    Pickin’ Memories
Bleeker Street Blues        Ramblin’ Jack Elliott    Friends of Mine
Bunkhouse Blues        Guy Clark    Cold Dog Soup
Desperadoes Waiting For The Train        Jerry Jeff Walker ¡Viva Terlingua!
Red Velvet Cake        Mickey Clark    Winding Highways
Midnight Mandolin        South By Southwest    Honky Tonk Road
Ghost Story        Katy Moffatt    Angel Town
These Times We’re Living In        Dave Alvin And The Guilty Women
Brother Warrior        Kate Wolf    Gold In California
Sunshine        Steve LaFollett    Sunshine
Ruby’s Shoes        Bob Livingston    Gypsy Alibi
Whiskey Drinkin’ Preacher        Chuck Cannon    God Shaped Hole
When The Fallen Angels Fly        Shaver    Victory
Closing In On The Fire        Waylon Jennings    Never Say Die

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