CowTrails Playlist 10-30-16

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails Playlist 10-30-16

White Man’s Feet        Barry Ward    Long Way Home
Medicine Spirit        Many Strings & Company    Rusty Old Horseshoes
My Heart and Soul        TJ Casey    Chicken For Dinner
The Legend of Wild Bill Zimmer        Bernadette Ducharme    One Boot In the Stirrup
Heaven On A Horse        Paul Larson/P L Cowboy Music    Home
The Freedom Song        Andy Wilkinson    The Road Is Still The Road
Doney Gal        Don Edwards    Saddle Songs (Disc 2)
Men in Blue        Randy Huston & Hannah Huston    Cowboys and Girls
Dreams        Susie Knight    Fillin’ Tanks
Wolves        Slim McWilliams    40 Years Gathering
That Old Yellow Horse        Dennis Russell    That Old Yellow Horse
Redheaded Stranger        Peggy Malone    Pickin’ Memories
The Old Prospector        Jerry Brooks    Shoulder To Shoulder
An Old Western Town        Terry Nash    December Stragglers
South Coast        Hank Cramer    An Old Striped Shirt
Watch Over You Tonight        Dennis Jay
The Cowboy’s Life        Gary Pratt    Lomax
Just Lucky I Guess        Bill Barwick    Just In Case
Hallie Lonnigan        Tom Russell    Song Of The West
Headstone By The Trail        Nancy Elliott    Selections
My Own Heart’s Delight        Bill Hearne    A Good Ride
Catfish John        Lynne Belle Lewis    Thru My Horse’s Ears
Cowpoke        Johnny Western    Have Gun, Will Travel
Spanish Johnny        Jon Messenger    Spirits
My Rifle, My Pony & Me        Richard Lee Cody    They’re On The Wind
Old Hank Morgan’s Place        Jean Prescott    Embers Of Time
Shenandoah        Belinda Gail    Granite Mountain
The Outlaw Trail        J Parson    The Outlaw Trail
Beyond The Trail of Tears        Randy Smith/Mag Mawhinney    A Little R & R
Bison Wind        Kerry Grombacher    It Sings In The Hi-Line
The Outlaw Massai        Leelee Robert    Jewel of the West
The First Americans        Ron Christopher    Into The West
The People        Bruce Innes    One Hundred Years Of Thunder
Crazy Horse; Custer’s Luck        Tom Russell    Rose Of Roscrae
The Same River    Juni Fisher    Tumbleweed Letters
A Warrior’s Life On The Lines: A Story Of Native American Ledger Art Benjamin Dehart    Another Side Of Me
Apache Tears        Johnny Cash    Native American
Indian Reservation        Marvin Rainwater
Half Breed        Bobby Wayne    Big Train
The Weaver        Richard Elloyan    Back In Heaven
Geronimo’s Land        Sid Hausmann    Geronimo’s Land
Custer’s Ghost        Dave Stamey    Western Stories

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