About Cowtrails

Your Western Belle - Barbara RichhartIn 2003 KSJD our local Public Radio station put out a request for DJ”s and said they would train. With a little free time on my hands and a love of Western Music I jumped on this opportunity to play the music that I loved. Training was easy I showed up at the studio and the DJ there at the time explained this button/slide controls the live mike these are the CD player controls and this one brings the automation back up. He asked what was my show’s name, I had no clue then he asked for the first song I was going to play that was easy Don Edwards doing Colorado Trail. Sammie Coulon fellow Cowbelle was with me and between us CowTrails was born! Donnie wished me luck and said see you next week!

In my search for more Western Music to share with my listeners I started attending festivals and gathering. CowTrails was received well and music came in by the boxes. I was now starting to interview artist whenever I could … inviting them into the studio and bringing live music to the Studio. This just peaked my enthusiasm for the genre more. I started looking for venues that would support this music. The Lewis Arriola Community Center hosted by KSJD brought in Jim and Jeanne Martin for a fundraiser, we had a great time. Mancos Opera House/VFW was the next venue, our first group was out of Texas “Palo Duro”! But times change and we move on. I then started hosting events “House Concerts” for these outstanding artists and continue to this day. This is a nonprofit all monies go to the entertainer for expenses incurred. This continues to be a way to build a larger fan base for the artists and the genre. I have hosted as many as 16 in one summer season or as little as one. Family entertainment is the focus and all are welcome.

I as a DJ have been recognized by The Western Music Association, The Western Swing Guild and The Academy of Western Music. These awards are a great honor to receive but pale in comparison to the friends and fans of this Awesome journey called “CowTrails”!

Always Your Western Belle,

Barbara Richhart