CowTrails 4-23-17

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails 4-23-17

Ringo    Loran Greene    single
Me And Billy The Kid (w/Peter Rowan)    Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Friends of Mine
My Name Is Dalton    Bill Barwick    The Usual Suspects
Old Alberta Plains    Eli Barsi    Darn Hard To Tame
Wyatt’s Lament    Jim Jones    Feels Like Home to Me
Bass Reeves    R.W. Hampton    This Cowboy
Sam Bass    The Gillette Bros.    Gillette Bros. – Lone Star Trail
I Hope She’ll Love Me    Juni Fisher/Jack Hannon Cowgirlography
Hands Up!    Hank Cramer    My Side Of The Mountains
The Lilies Grow High    Johnny Western    Have Gun, Will Travel
On The Mesa Trail    Prickly Pair    Rendezvous With The Moon
I Came To Dance    Royal Wade Kimes    How The West Was Sung
Riders of The Stars    Gary S Pratt    God Made The Sunset
Before the Great River Was Tamed    The Rifters    The Great River
Canadian Whiskey    Ian Tyson (with Nancy Griffith)
Earth, Wind, Rain And Fire    Jim Jones    Western Takes
Land Of The Shalako    Sid Hausmann    Geronimo’s Land
Where The Past Meets The Sky    Bernadette Ducharme    One Boot In the Stirrup
Clear Creek     Richard Lee & Mary Kaye    Way Out West
These Cowboys Born Out of Their Time    Gretchen Peters &Tom Russell    One To The Heart, One To The Head
Sonora’s Death Row    J Parson    The Outlaw Trail
Wild Rose    Nancy Elliott    Selections
When I Was A Cowboy    Jon Messenger    Blue Light Special #2
Crazy Mary    Dave Stamey    Come Ride With Me
La Llorona    Lynne Belle Lewis    Bell’s A Clanging
Waltz Of The Rainbows    Eddy Harrison    Waltz Of The Rainbows
The Old Cocinero    Kerry Grombacher    Riding For The Brand
Home To Oklahoma    J.C. High Eagle    Keepin’ It Country
This Old Dirt    Donnie Blanz    Simply Put
Booger Barter Roping    Dell W. Owens    Songs Written By Dell W. Owens (Raw)
Rita Ballou    Paul Larson    It’s Just Me And Rita
Today’s Country Music Don’t Love Me    Bob Corley    It’s Me
Adios Amigo    Jim Reeves    All Time Greatest Hits [Disc 2]
Heartaches By The Number    Ray Price    Time-Life Classic Country: Golden ’50s
Glory Ride    Chuck Cusimano    Cowboys And Money
The Mustang Waltz    Kristyn Harris    Down The Trail
Whiskey, Women and Jive    Floyd Tolston
Hard Travelin’    Jimmy LaFave    Woody Guthrie: At 100! (Live At The Kennedy Center)
Texas To Tennessee    Steve LaFollett    Sunshine
The Freedom Song    Andy Wilkinson    The Road Is Still The Road: Andy Wilkinson, Live In Concert
Sanctuary    Lacy J. Dalton    The Last Wild Place
Gotta Travel On    Gary Cook    Wheels

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