4-16-17 Happy Easter and Welcome Cowboy Poetry Week

Western Belle
Western Belle
4-16-17 Happy Easter and Welcome Cowboy Poetry Week

Peter Cottontail    Gene Autry    Autry Gene (Year Round Cowboy)
The Legend Of The Dogwood    Janet McBride    Gospel Country
30 pieces 3    Wylie Gustafson    Wylie Gustafson’s Album
Richard Marti Live in Studio That’s The Way She Goes
Fall Round-Up
Water To The Land
Winds of Spring
Three Quarter Time    Dave Stamey    Wheels
Richard Martin April live  Morning Coffee
The Campfire Has Gone Out    Don Edwards    Last Of The Troubadours – Saddle Songs II
The Devil’s Hatband    Don Edwards    The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six
Troubadour – For Glen Ohrlin    Pipp Gillette    Singing Songs By Waddie & Pipp
Nolan King Live Yellow Rose of Texas
How Great Thou Art
My Rifle My Pony and Me
Todd King reciting 2 of his own poems
Nolan King doing for us The Night herders Song
Bristlecone Pine    Waddie Mitchell    Sweat Equity
The Bristlecone Pine    Brenn Hill    Cohorts & Collaborators ~ Songs Written With Waddie
Don’t Know How    Libby Koch    Just Move On
Leaving Amarillo    Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line
Where The Ponies Come To Drink    Peggy Malone    Pickin’ Memories
Introduction    Jay Snider    Masters
Waitin’ On The Drive    Larry McWhorter    Masters
Where The Ponies Come To Drink    Larry McWhorter    Masters
Tools Of The Trade    Sam Deleeuw    Women Of The West
A Cowboy’s Heaven    Sunny Hancock    Masters
The Horse Trade    Sunny Hancock    Masters
Bear Ropin’ Buckaroo    Terry Nash    December Stragglers
Tracks That Won’t Blow Out    Ray Owens    Masters
The Saddle His Granddaddy Rode    Ray Owens    Masters
The Old Prospector (Charles Badger Clark, Jr.)    Jerry Brooks The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Six
Kindred Spirits    J. B. Allen    Masters
Anthem    JB Allen    Masters
He Sang “Little Joe The Wrangler”    Baxter Black    Baxter Black’s NPR (Single)
Old Fort Phantom Hill    Jay Snider & Craig Stuke    The Old Tried And True
Hidey Ho Montana  Rodeo and Juliet single

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