Cowtrails 4-2-17

Western Belle
Western Belle
Cowtrails 4-2-17

Chant Of The Night Songs    Don Edwards    Last of the Troubadours
Chant Of The Wanderer    Marty Robbins    Under Western Skies [Disc 4]
Chant Of The Plains    Rich Flanders    Wondering – Songs Of The American West
Paint The Brown Grass Green    Bill Snow/Duke Davis    Les Buffham & Friends Writes & Co-Writes Vol 2
Utah Carroll    Michael Martin Murphey    Cowboy Classics: Playing Favorites II
Get Along Little Doggies    Tex Ritter    The Country Music Hall of Fame
The Branding Song    Daron Little    307
Burnin’ Hair    Brenn Hill    Trail Through Yesterday
Cows Around    Corb Lund    Cabin Fever
Branding Pen Barbie    Andy Nelson    How I Taught Bruno A Lesson
Grafting Calves    Baxter Black    Cowboy Mentality
The Best Cowboys Ain’t Always Human    Gary McMahan    Poems And Yodels
Coyotes Love My Cat    Bill Barwick    Just In Case
Magpie    Ian Tyson    All the Good ‘uns
South Coast    Hank Cramer    An Old Striped Shirt
Claude Dallas    Tom Russell    Song Of The West
Bass Reeves    R.W. Hampton    This Cowboy
Smokey Joe    Les Gilliam    Somewhere In The West
Tom Horn    Michael Hurwitz    Cowboy Fandango
Belle Starr    Joni Harms    Cowgirl Dreams
Me and Martha Jane    Juni Fisher    Tumbleweed Letters
Abby Kane    Patty Clayton    Astraddle A Saddle
Kitty Wilkens, Queen of Diamonds    Bill Chiles    Ridin’ The Red Road
Cowboy John    Ginny Mac    Sweet Sentimental Dream
First Door At The Top Of The Stairs    Ron Christopher    Into The West
Where Have All My Good Days Gone    Chris J Arellano    Chris J Arellano
Dance Me Outside    Katy Moffatt    The Greatest Show on Earth
Big Blue Diamonds    R J Vandygriff    Cowboy to the Bone
Medicine Wheel    Kate Wolf    Give Yourself To Love 2
Standing Deer’s Lament    Andy Wilkinson    Charlie Goodnight: His Life In Poetry And Song
Willie and Sarah    Ron Short    Driving’ Round an Empty Town
Readin Riting, Rt 23    Dwight Yoakam
Hello Trouble    Buck Owens
The King Of The Honky-tonk Is Gone    Shake Russell    Little Bright Band Of Light
Oildale    Mike Beck    Pine Street Girl
Silver Wings    Merle Haggard    16 Biggest Hits
Silver Wings Was On The Jukebox    Chuck Cusimano    The Tyler Sessions
Satin Sheets    Jeanne Pruett    Country Favorites
Satin Sheets    Waylon Jennings    Ol’ Waylon
La Grange    Hank Williams Jr.    Anthology Disc 2
Harlan County Line    Dave Alvin    Eleven Eleven

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