CowTrails 3-26-17

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails 3-26-17

The Union Mare & The Confederate Grey    Don Edwards American
Wagon Train    Royal Wade Kimes    A Proud Land
I Was Born To Be A Cowboy    Red Steagall    The Cowboy Code [Disc 1]
Open Range Cowboy    J Parson    The Outlaw Trail
Yakima    Juni Fisher    Let’er Go,let’er Buck, Let’er Fly
Power In The Wind    Andy Wilkinson    Charlie Goodnight: His Life In Poetry And Song
Aura Lee    R.W. Hampton    Troubadour
Meadowlark    Wylie & The Wild West    Relic
Roundup In The Spring    Kevin Davis    This Cowboy’s Heart
Spring Winds    Ken Moore    The Best Of New Mexico Western–Big Surprises From Behind The Chile Curtain [Disc 2]
Real Cowboy    Bob Marshall    Horses That Run Far Away
The Escape    Richard Elloyan    Wild Horse Crossing
The Duke    David John & The Comstock Cowboys    Break it to the Cowboy
Apache Rose (The Reservation Will)    Belinda Gail    Granite Mountain
Remember The Eagle    Luke-Feat. Reed Waylon Jennings & Bill Miller    Corridos
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend    Charlie Daniels Night Hawk
Daisy Red Rider    Dell W. Owens    Songs Written By Dell W. Owens (Raw)
Cowboy    Almeda Bradshaw    Tribute
My Old Friend Juliet & Homer  KVMR
Lookin The Wolf In The Eye    Randy Huston    Keepin The New West Wild
Freedom is A Horse    TJ Casey    Chicken For Dinner
Bring Back The Code    Jim Reader    1880’s Cowboy
We Were The Cowboys Too    LeeLee & Friends    Western Stars
What Kind of Horses    Chuck Cusimano    We Were Cowboys
A Cowboy’s Prayer    Gail Steiger    The Romance Of Western Life
Goodnight – Loving Trail    Bill Barwick    Livin The Dream
Buckaroo Man    Dave Stamey    Buckaroo Man
Queen Of The Buckaroo Ball    Brian Arnold    Cow Man
The Buffalo Grass    Chris LeDoux    Horsepower
Why The Scorpion Stings    The Diablos    Rhinestones And Diamonds
London Homesick Blues    Gary P. Nunn    What I Like About Texas
Shadow Man    Shake Russell    Little Bright Band Of Light
Return Of The Grievous Angel    Michael Hearne    Red River Dreams
He’s a Drifter My Friend    The Rifters    The Great River
Bound to Be Bound    Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line
American Junkyard    Brian Burns    American Junkeyard
Paint Her Real    Donnie Blanz    Words & Music
Border Radio    Bill Hearne    A Good Ride
The Thorns of Your Roses    Dennis Jay
Bob Wills/Ray Price/Willie Nelson    Faded Love
Strangers When We Meet    Mike Siler    Man Of Clay
Loving Here And Living There (And Lying in Between)    Jake Hooker    Faded Lights

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