Cowtrails 11-15-15

Western Belle
Western Belle
Cowtrails 11-15-15

Heading to The Western Music Festival!

Durango        Bar-D Wranglers    Durango
The Line Rider        Flying J Wranglers    My Adobe Hacienda
Medley        The Flying W Wranglers    Somebody’s Prayin’
Dance in the Desert        Terry Brown    Party On the Prairie
Cowgirl At Heart        Janice Deardorff    Part Of The West
Route 66        Carol Markstrom    Crossing Borders
Colors        Stampede    Stampede
The Boxcars Of Juarez        Jim Jones    Still Ridin’
Wild West Mambo        Kerry Grombacher    It Sings In The Hi-Line
Cowbuquerque        Aspen Black    Eastern Western Cowgirl
Ghosts and Legends        John Bergstrom    Ghosts and Legends
Buffalo Gals (Traditional)        Cisco Jim    Rollin’ Along
Find Yourself A Cowgirl        Doug Figgs    Partners
Diesel And Dust        Kristyn Harris    Down The Trail
Real Cowboy        Allen Kirkham    Ghost Towns
The Basque        Jon Messenger    Spirits
pinto Beans        Miss Devon & The Outlaw    Where The Dickens are You
Waddie, Get Your Boots On        Joyce Woodson    Joyce Woodson 06 If I Hadn’t Seen The West
Sometimes The Best Cowboys Die Young    Jeanne & Jerome – Call Of The West    You Are The Rose Of My Heart
When I Was A Cowgirl Out On The Western Plain        Barbara Nelson    When I Was A Cowgirl
When A Horse Hoof Hits The Ground        Tom Swearingen    Horses And Happiness
Texas Kerosene (Radio Edit)        Mikki Daniel    Gotta Be a Cowgirl
Snoose        Sam Deleeuw    Women Of The West
California Swing        Jerry Hall and Trickshot    California Swing
Swingtime In The Rockies        Horse Crazy    All I Need
Leavin’ Cheyenne        Mary Kaye    Ride A Wide Circle
Move Along, You Lazy Cattle        KG & The Ranger    When Cowboys Dream
Blue Mountain        James Michael    Beyond The Divide
Night Rider’s Lament        Mountain Saddle Band    The Heart Of A Cowboy
Cowgirl Creed    Belinda Gail    Granite Mountain
Tupelo Flash        Dennis Jay    What You See
My Window Faces The South        The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers    Too Hot To Handle
Take Her Dancin’        Syd Masters & The Swing Riders    The Cowboy Sings
Back to the Ranch        Leelee Robert    Jewel of the West

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