11-8-15 CowTrails Veterans Show

Western Belle
Western Belle
11-8-15 CowTrails Veterans Show

CowTrails Veterans Show

Other Side Of The Hill        Chuck Pyle    Step By Step
8th Of Nov        Big And Rich    Between Sisters
You Are The Heroes        Chuck Price    Welcome Home
1969        Royal Wade Kimes    Crossing The Roads
Veteran’s Day        Tom Russell    Long Way Around
Bristlecone Pine        Brenn Hill    Ode To Selway
Post 2 Gate        Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line
Another Old Soldier        Mark Collie
Searching for A Soldiers Grave        Charlie Louvin    The Battle Rages On
Old Soldier        Jim Jones    Race With the Wind
Welcome Home Soldier        Mike Hammock    T.G.I.F.
A Song Of A Rebel Soldier    David John And The Comstock Cowboy Gather Round Cowboys
Soldier’s Lament        Larry Clark    Rollin Stone
I Am A Rebel Soldier        Benjamin Dehart    Takin’ Another Crack At It
Soldier’s Last Letter        Ernest Tubb
Far Flung Places        Chuck Pyle    Keepin’ Time By The River
War Horse        GT Hurley    War Horse
Midnight At The Old Soldier’s Home        Casey Dilworth    That’s The Way It
Hell In A Helmet        R.W. Hampton    This Cowboy
The Beaches Of St. Valery        Hank Cramer    Caledonia
One Wore Blue And One Wore Gray        Howard Steele    In The Shadow Of The Rim
I’m Not A Brother        Barry Ward    Whispers Of The West
Dixie Burns        Royal Wade Kimes    A Proud Land
I Sang Dixie        Dwight Yoakam
Fifty Six Heroes        Jean Prescott    America, Home
More Than A Name On The Wall        JC Needham    He Rides The Wild Horses

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