CowTrails 10-25-15

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails 10-25-15

Enjoy the show my friends! Its just for You and Me!
What Have You Got Planned Tonight, Diana?    R.W. Hampton Troubadour
Home On The Range    Bar-D Wranglers    Durango
Tonight Cowboy Your’e Mine    Joey and Rory
Wings Of An Eagle    Gary Prescott    Rough Country, Wild Cattle
Black Diamond    Jean Prescott    Embers Of Time    Country
Riding Song    Gary Pratt    Lomax    Country & Folk
In Love With Montana    Leelee Robert    Jewel of the West
October Moon    Betsy Bell Hagar    Heavens To Betsy
The Sky Above, The Mud Below    Tom Russell    Song Of The West
Primicia    Dennis Jay    Primicia
The Circle    Dave Stamey    Tonopah
Abilene Town    Sons Of San Joaquin    Horses Cattle & Coyotes
Bring My Fiddle    Juni Fisher    Cowgirlography
Night Rider’s Lament    Allen Kirkham    Ghost Towns
The Lonely Ones    Johnny Western    Have Gun, Will Travel
Yellow Rose Of Texas    Gene Autry    The Singing Cowboy
The Cowboy In The Continental Suit    Marty Robbins    Under Western Skies [Disc 3]
The Rose Of The San Joaquin    Saddlestrings    Hangin’ From The Conchos
Wagon Tongue    Bill Barwick    Cowboy Bill & Other Stories
Leanin’ On The Old Top Rail    Stephanie Davis    Stephanie Davis – Volume One
Acres Of Nowhere    Kristyn Harris    Down The Trail
Gallo De Cielo    Ian Tyson    Old Corrals & Sagebrush
Silver Line    Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line
Into the Light    Max Stenz    Hearts & Bullets
Turn Back    Royal Wade Kimes    Shadows Of Time
Winter Camp    Jesse Ballantyne    Cowboy Serenade

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