10-18-15 CowTrails

Western Belle
10-18-15 CowTrails
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Durango    Bar-D Wranglers    Durango
Mountains Of Colorado    Caitlyn Taussig    The Things We Gave Up
Ride Through The Country    Bob Corley    It's Me
The Brazos    Katy Moffat    A Western Jubilee
Back In Tombstone    Royal Wade Kimes    Shadows Of Time
Seven Days    Diamond W Wranglers    The Old and  The New
Old Cowman    Jon Messenger    Spirits
Nineteen Men    Johnny Western    Have Gun, Will Travel
North To Alaska    Johnny Horton    Kings Of Country
Sonora    Marvin O'Dell    Letter To Molly
Bucking Horse Moon Tom Russell    Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs
Thanks for Today    Randy Huston&Hannah Huston    Cowboys and Girls
North Of Forty    Andy Wilkinson    Storyteller, Part Two
Step It Out Nancy    Nancy Elliott    Selections
Oklahoma Hills    Sid Hausman/Washtub Jerry    Blue Horizon
Zebra Dun    James Michael    All American Cowboy
Colt 45    Stan Corliss    Eclectic Horseman
Wanda Walker    Patty Clayton    Dancin' In Denver
Borderline    Jim Wilson    Border Bravo
Desert Winds    Dave Stamey    Come Ride With Me
Ovando Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line
Snowin' On Raton    The Rifters    Live At The Sagebrush
The Bottom Of The Cold Cold Mine David John & The Comstock Cowboys 
Shadow Of The Wind Tom Hiatt    Goodnight From Texas
Buckskin Horse        Lynn Anderson    Cowgirl II
Ghost Riders in the Sky    Brenn Hill    Spirit Rider

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