CowTrails 1-29-17

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails 1-29-17

Elko and The Outside Circle with Jerry Brooks and a special editorial review from Jennifer Denison

Coyotes    Don Edwards    The Best Of Don Edwards
The Hand    Trinity Seely    Cowboy’s Wage
Equus Caballus    Joel Nelson    Elko A Cowboy Gathering
Maggie    Brigid Reedy    The Bar-D Roundup: Volume Nine (2014)
Dust and Horns    Rod Taylor    Here, There, Anywhere
Conversations With A Rancher    Keith Ward    Fancy Horses And Stuff
Black Upon Tan    David Wilkie And Cowboy Celtic    The Drover Road
Benny Reynolds’ Riggin’    Paul Zarzyski    Words Growing Wild
The Dell    Brenn Hill    How You Heal
After The Wet    Jack Sammon    Those Droving Days
Before The Rain Turns To Snow    Andy Wilkinson    Storyteller, Part Two
Whistle    Gail Steiger    The Romance Of Western Life
S Lazy H    Corb Lund    Things That Can’t Be Undone
The Outside Circle (Featuring Butch Hause)    Daron Little    Dos Amigos (Featuring Butch Hause)
Sierras And The Rockies    Caitlyn Taussig    The Things We Gave Up
Mothers Prayer    Shandee Allen
Bronco Twisters Prayer    Trey Allen    Lowly Cowboy
The Rawhide Braider    Waddie Mitchell    Sweat Equity
Riding Another Circle    Dave Stamey    Wheels
Desert Motel    Ian Tyson    Live At Longview

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