CowTrails Radio Show 9-16-18

Western Belle
CowTrails Radio Show 9-16-18

The Colorado Trail     Don Edwards    The Best Of Don Edwards
Charlie And Evangeline    Doug Figgs    Partners
Bass Reeves    R.W. Hampton    This Cowboy
Sarah Calico    Jim Jones    Feels Like Home to Me
The Old Man    The Prescotts – Jean & Gary    Satisfied Hearts
The Man From Coo-Wees-Coo-Wee    Barry Ward    Coyotes & Cattle
Beyond The Trail of Tears    Randy Smith/Mag Mawhinney    a little r&r
One More Ride    Doug Figgs – Mikki Daniel    Thinkin Of You
When The White Roses Bloom (Down In Red River Valley)    Kristyn Harris    Let Me Ride
Jealous Of The Moon    Mary Kaye    The Dawn And The Dusk
Dance Of The Desert    Carol Markstrom    Crossing Borders
Gracefully Gray    The Prescotts – Jean & Gary    Satisfied Hearts
Tall in the Saddle    The Prescotts – Jean & Gary    Satisfied Hearts
Winter Riding Begins    Ryan Fritz    Keeper Of The West
Cowboy    The High Country Cowboys    Cowboy    Country & Folk    High Country Cowboys
Buckles, Boots And Cowboy Roots    Bob Corley    Buckles, Boots And Cowboy Roots
Does anybody Need A Cowboy    Dawn Anita    Down On Wildhorse Creek
Its Gonna Get Western    Bob Marshall    Screen Door
Colorado Horses    Dan Mccorison    Montana Moon
Let The Cowboy Dance    Steel Horse Swing    Swing Time Baby
Cowgirl Tuff    Joni Harms    Lucky 13
Coyotes    Donnie Poindexter    Cowboy Life
Country To The Bone    Terry Brown    Teardrop Texas
Wild Prairie Rose    Greg Hager    Cowboy Way
Watch Over You Tonight    Dennis Jay    Western and Country
Santa Rosa  Hoyt Hughes
Healer Of Hearts    Royal Wade Kimes    Love Of A Cowboy
The Code    Hoyt Hughes
Cowboy Ain’t Quitters   Hoyt Hughes
Steffen Jakobsen    Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine
Such Is The World That We Live In    Chris Hillman    Bidin’ My Time
Little Black Dress    Courtney Patton    So This Is Life
Always A Woman    Jason Eady    I Travel On
Rifles & Rosary Beads    Mary Gauthier    Rifles & Rosary Beads
Sinking The Mule    Stacey Sanders    Sharecropper’s Sin
Northern Lights    Terri Hendrix    Love You Strong
Walking Angel    Uncle Walt’s Band    Anthology: Those Boys From Carolina, They Sure Enough Could Sing
When It Was Country    Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros    Watch It Shine
Middle of the Night     Zac Wilkerson    Zac Wilkerson
Ghost    Floyd Tolston    Redneck Cheer

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Western Belle
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