CowTrails Playlist 1-24-16

Western Belle
CowTrails Playlist 1-24-16

I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home        Curtis Potter    Down in Texas Today
Gold Fever        Jim Mundy    The Sons of The Guns
Coyote Café        Joni Harms    Let’s Put The Western Back In The Country
Ballad of Julio Robledo        Eddy Harrison    Trail Dust and Teardrops
The Night Guard        Peter Rowan & Don Edwards    High Lonesome Cowboy
White Man’s Feet        Barry Ward    Long Way Home
For Them That Lean To Lonesome        Don Edwards    Last Of The Troubadours – Saddle Songs II (Disc 1)    Western
Lookin’ The Wolf In The Eye        Randy Huston    Keepin The New West Wild
What A Cowboy Was        R J Vandygriff    Cowboy to the Bone
The Old Man And His Fiddle        Red Steagall    Dear Mama, I’m A Cowboy
His and Hers        Joey and  Rory
It’s In My Blood        TJ Casey    Chicken For Dinner
Fifty Years Ago        Brenn Hill    Ode To Selway
Pretty Painted Ladies        Tom Hiatt    Goodnight From Texas
Cowboy Like Me        Brooke Ryan Turner
Yakima        Juni Fisher    Let’er Go,let’er Buck, Let’er Fly
Old Tom Horn        Chris LeDoux    Western Tunesmith/ He Rides the Wild Horses
The Last True Cowboy        Jon Chandler    The Gang
Ponies        Royal Wade Kimes    How The West Was Sung
Magdalene        Kip Calahan    Cowboys, Cowgirls, Roundups & Rodeos
Letter To Molly        Marvin O’Dell    Letter To Molly
The Old Chisholm Trail        Riders In The Sky    America’s Favorite Cowboy Songs
Six Black Horses        Jon Messenger    Blue Light Special #2
CowTrails Promo        Michael Hurwitz    Demo    CowTrails Promo
Garden Spot Pavilion        Michael Hurwitz    Cowboy Fandango
LOVES ON THE WIND        Tree Menane
I Rode In As A Stranger        Lynn Anderson    Cowgirl

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