Cowtrails – 9-20-15

Western Belle
Cowtrails - 9-20-15


Fall racing our way!
Last Buckaroo    Tom Hiatt    Goodnight From Texas
Turn Back        Royal Wade Kimes    Shadows Of Time
In Love With Montana        Leelee Robert    Jewel of the West
The Mustang Waltz        Kristyn Harris    Down The Trail
Charlie And Evangeline        Doug Figgs    Partners
Men in Blue        Randy Huston & Hannah Huston    Cowboys and Girls
God Kissed Us All Goodbye    Eddy Harrison    Trail Dust and Teardrops
Ride a Wide Circle        Mary Kaye    Ride A Wide Circle
Good Ride        Jim Jones    Race With the Wind
Horses That Run Far Away    Bob Marshall    Horses That Run Far Away
All I Need On My Saddle        Horse Crazy    All I Need
He’s a Cowboy        Trails & Rails    Gatherin’ Strays
More Than Gold        Richard Elloyan & Steve Wade    40 Miles Of Famous
She Could Ride    Mikki Daniel    Cowgirl Swing
You Can Let Go        Kevin Davis    This Cowboy Life
Letter To Laredo        Joe Ely    Letter To Laredo
Wild Sierra        Dave Stamey    Twelve Mile Road
Ed Trafton        Michael Hurwitz    Chrome On The Range
La Primera        Mike Beck    Tribute
Bonnie MC Carroll    Juni Fisher    Let ‘er Go, Let ‘er Buck, Let ‘er Fly
Doney Gal        Ian Tyson    Carnero Vaquero
Little Joe, The Wrangler        Don Edwards    Songs Of The Trail
Empty Corrals        Trinity Seely    Trinity Seely
Better Mind To Stay        Lisa Lane    I’m In A Good Mood… To Be Bad.
The Wild West Is Gonna Get Wilder    Michael Martin Murphy    Cowboy Songs III
Running Iron        Ryan Fritz    One Last Horse
Farewell Angelina        Adrian Brannan    Boots & Pearls

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