Cowtrails 5-29-16

Western Belle
Cowtrails 5-29-16


CowTrails with our special guest Chuck Hawthorne! Enjoy our friends!

I Ain’t Leaving Without My Horse        J Parson    I Ain’t Leaving Without My Horse    Country
Bring My Fiddle        Juni Fisher    Cowgirlography
When The Saints Go Marching In        Royal Wade Kimes    White Light
The Saint of Empty Saddles        Jon Chandler    The Gang
If That Old Saddle Could Talk        Luke Reed    Luke Reed’s Modern Western Civilization
One Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse        Red Steagall    Born To This Land
Magdelena        Kip Calahan    Cowboys, Cowgirls, Roundups & Rodeos
Live from Chuck Hawthorne, Ovando
South Coast        Benjamin Dehart    Bittersweet Cowboy Reflections
Pretty Painted Ladies        Tom Hiatt    Goodnight From Texas
Crazy Horse        Bob Campbell    The Golden West
Crazy Horse; Custer’s Luck        Tom Russell    Rose Of Roscrae
Cool Water        The Sons Of The Pioneers    Songs Of The Golden West Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Disc 3)
Father To Father        Curly Musgrave    Range & Romance    Western
Black Hills, Blue Skies        Brenda Libby    On The Outskirts Of Crazy
Turning To The Light Stephanie Davis    Crocus In The Snow
Chuck Hawthorne doing for us Live in Studio Post 2 Gate
Headstone By The Trail        Nancy Elliott    Selections
Tomb Of The Unknown Cowboy        David John And The Comstock Cowboy    Cowboys, Old Fiddles, And Wine
Brother Warrior        Kate Wolf    Gold In California: A Retrospective Of Recordings – 1975-1985 [Disc 2]
Across The Great Divide live from Chuck Hawthorne
Chuck Hawthorne doing a great cover of Guy Clark’s South Coast of Texas
Chuck Hawthorne doing his Silver Line
Chuck Hawthorne doing for us Welding Son of A Gun
Welcome To The Romance        Jon Messenger    Ponydance
Queen Of The Buckaroo Ball        Saddlestrings    Tied Behind The Cantle
Leaving Amarillo written and performed live for you by Chuck Hawthorne
Buckaroo Tattoo        Brenn Hill    Endangered
Cadillac Cowboy        Chris LeDoux    Best Of Chris LeDoux
Veteran’s Day Featuring Johnny Cash        Tom Russell    The Wounded Heart Of America
Jaquima to Freno        Ian Tyson    All the Good ‘uns    Country


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