Cowtrails 11-23-14

Western Belle
Cowtrails 11-23-14
CowTrails 11-23-14 WMA Award Winners and Jamming in the Hallways
Granite Mountain     Belinda Gail    Granite Mountain    Western Album of The Year
My Window Faces The South        The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers    Too Hot To Handle   Cowboy Swing Album of The Year
A Cowboy Hat    Trinity Seely    Old Poly Rope Song of The Year
Lone Pine        Tom Boyer Instrumentalist of The Year
Rustler’s Moon        Jim Jones    Borrowed Time Male Performer of The Year
Let Me Ride Down In Rocky Canyon        Kristyn Harris Female Performer of The Year
Pistol Packing Mama        Miss Devon & The Outlaw     Duo or Group of The Year
Cheyenne        Joyce Woodson Songwriter of The Year
Twelve Mile Road        Dave Stamey   Entertainer of The Year
My Adobe Hacienda        The Hanson Family Singers     Crescendo Award
How I Taught Bruno A Lesson        Andy Nelson    How I Taught Bruno A Lesson Male Poet of The Year also Poetry Album of The Year
Mustang Man        Susie Knight    Female Poet of The Year
Bell County        Kerry Grombacher    Riding For The Brand
Blue Mountain        James Michael    Beyond The Divide
Cowman’s Lot        Terry Nash    December Stragglers
Wild Wild Women Of The Wild, Wild West     Terri Taylor    The Cowgirl Way
Take Her Dancin’        Syd Masters & The Swing Riders    The Cowboy Sings
God Kissed Us All Goodnight        Eddy Harrison    Trail Dust and Teardrops
I’ve Just Gotta Be a Cowgirl        Mikki Daniel    Gotta Be a Cowgirl
Black Diamond        Earl Gleason    Saturday Nite
You Don’t Have To Go Home    Gary Allegretto And Ian Espinoza    Allegretto / Espinoza
Just An Old Cowboy        Peggy Malone    Pickin’ Memories    Western
You Put The Gentle Back In Gentleman        Horse Crazy    Western Moon
Run Ponies Run        Mag Mawhinney/Abe Zacharias    Cowboy
Right or Wrong    Carolyn Martin    A Platter of Brownies: The Music of Milton Brown
Forty And Found        Mountain Saddle Band    The Heart Of A Cowboy
Jupiter And Mars        Al Mehl    Asphalt Cowboy
Western Belle
Barbara Richhart
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