Cowtrails 11-16-14

Western Belle
Cowtrails 11-16-14

So nice to have Western Entertainers, Peggy Malone and Terry Nash stop by the studio. They were traveling back home from the festival in Albuquerque, NM I would have loved being at the WMA Festival but due to illness had to stay home. Our dear friends stopped by and we visited a bit about the show and the winners this year. Made my day!! I will be doing a show next Sunday headlining the winners.
Keep well my friends! Let me hear your comments and let me know if putting the artists web sites on this page helps you. Love hearing from you!
I’m An Old Song Royal Wade Kimes Crossing The Roads
Annie And The Penny Bar J Parson The Eyes Of A Cowboy
Ballad Of Jack Thorp Don Edwards Saddle Songs – Don Edwards
Where the Green River Flows Mickey Clark Winding Highways
Snowin’ On Raton The Rifters Live At The Sagebrush
Wolf Creek Pass C.W. McCall Greatest Hits
Juni Fisher Singing Western Belle
Song of The Nighthawk Juni Fisher Listen
All In The Jeans Joni Harms Whatever It Takes
All This Way For The Short Ride John Reedy Twisted Vignettes
Along The Buffalo Belinda Gail Granite Mountain
Ballad of Isom Dart John Bergstrom Ghosts and Legends
Patterns on the Pane Mary Kaye Clean Outta Luck
Cowboy Communion Donnie Blanz Donnie Blanz
Cranberry Dress Joe Green Back To The Good Ole Days
The Blizzard Barry Ward Lonesome Country Road
Pack Up Your Sorrows Roz Brown Where I’m Bound
Ranch Wife’s Prayer Jean Prescott Sweethearts in Carhartts
King Of The Cowboys Bill Ganz Western Band Trail Ridin’
Tombstone David John And The Comstock Cowboy Legends Of The West
I’d Like To Be In Texas For The Roundup In The Spring Red Steagall [Disc 2] – Cowboy Code
In From The Cold Michael Hurwitz Cowboy Fandango
Magdalena And The Jack Of Spades Katy Moffatt Cowboy Girl (P) 2001
Mariah Richard Lee Cody They’re On The Wind
Lovin’ Arms Bill Barwick Sons Of The Tumbleweed
Tumbleweed Waltz Johnny Neill and Charlie Provenza Livin’ Large
Western Belle
Barbara Richhart
32229 Road P
Mancos, CO 81328

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