Cowtrails 8-16-15

Western Belle
Western Belle
Cowtrails 8-16-15

Having a radio show is always a lot of going through songs and picking ones that you believe will touch a listener in a special way. Requests are always welcome, giving the listeners what they want to hear.

I have a very special listener, she has been with me all these shows and never fails to state her opinion of what I am doing … good or bad! The greatest gift is my very special Fan and proud to call her my sister also. This one’s for you Sister Pauline Young.Thank You for always having my back!
Cowboy In A Hard Hat (The Firefighters Poem) Curly Musgrave    Range & Romance
Slow Falling Rain        Mike Blakely    Ride The River
Big Enough and The Cheyenne Mare        Gary McMahan    Going My Way
A Cowboy’s Face        Rich Price    Cowboy Songs    Pop
Cowboy In Your Heart    Gary Fjellgaard    The Collection
The Brazos        Juni Fisher    Cowgirlography
The Horse Trader  Gary McMahan    Going My Way
Sioux City Sue        Bar-D Wranglers    Durango
Magnolia Wind    Bill Hearne    From Santa Fe To Las Cruces
The Neon Light Cross    Andy Wilkinson    Storyteller, Part Two
Promo        Bill Barwick        KSJD
There Ain’t No Quit        Bill Barwick    Wide Open Range
She Is A Deep River        Mary Kaye    The Real Thing
Cowboy Philosopher        R J Vandygriff    Cowboy to the Bone
Keepin’ The Old West Alive    Kevin Davis    Every Horse I Ever Rode
Roads To Colorado        Liz Masterson    Roads To Colorado
Primicia        Dennis Jay    Primicia
Amigo Viejo        Tree Menane
Runnin’ The Wild Bunch    Gary Prescott    Cowboy Forever
The Master’s Call    Marty Robbins    Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs
Night Ride        Gary Pratt    All Original Cowboy
Power in the Wind        Brenn Hill    Spirit Rider
Granite Mountain        Belinda Gail    Granite Mountain
The Old Hat        Gary McMahan    A Cowboyin’ Day
Cowpoke       Gary McMahan    A Cowboyin’ Day
Ghost Ranch        Michael Hurwitz    Cowboy Fandango
On The Trail    Rich O’Brien    Seasons, Roads, And Faces

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