6-18-17 Happy Fathers Day

Western Belle
Western Belle
6-18-17 Happy Fathers Day

I’m An Old Song    Royal Wade Kimes    Crossing The Roads
Daddy’s Hands    Holly Dunn    Milestones – Greatest Hits
To Daddy    Dolly Parton    Legends [Disc 3]
Little Brown Jug Hylo Brown    Rural Rhythm Presents 25 Classics: Songs Of Rural America
Crazy    Patsy Cline    Patsy Cline Story
Blue Moon Of Kentucky    Bill Monroe    Beautiful Country Memories 13 – Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Jimmy Brown    Mac Wiseman    24 Greatest Hits
They Don’t Make’em Like My Daddy — Loretta Lynn    Various Artists    Country [Disc 1]
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine    Marty Robbins    Under Western Skies [Disc 4]
Rattlesnake Daddy    Billy Carlisle
Blind Fiddler    Jim Bud Stanley    Music Of Coal: Mining Songs From The Appalachian Coalfields
My Dad Said    Rich Price    Cowboy Songs
Great Grand Dad    The Gillette Bros.    Live From The Camp St. Cafe & Store
Dancin’ On Daddy’s Boots    Kim Blakey    Dancin’ On Daddy’s Boots
Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line    Waylon Jennings    Super Hits
Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)    Merle Haggard    12 #1 Hits
Daddy’s Little Girl    Johnny Johnson    One Last Time
Daddy’s Dinner Bucket    Ralph Stanley II    Music Of Coal: Mining Songs

From The Appalachian Coalfields (Disc 2)

Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind    Confederate Railroad Rockin’ Country Party Pack
Daddy Drives A Big Truck    Cliff Douglas    Truckin’ Country
Daddy Can I Be A Cowboy    Deborah Liv Johnson    The Cowboys Of Baja Have Stolen My Heart
Daddy And The Devil    Chuck Cannon    Love And Money
Daddies and Daughters    Brenn Hill    Spirit Rider
Dad    Richard Martin    Bringing Water to the Land
The Boots Her Daddy Wore    Jean Prescott    BF Roundup 2007
Father’s Day    Bob Marshall    Horses That Run Far Away
Fathers And Sons    Charlie Daniels    Renegade
Father And Son    Curly Musgrave    The Heritage
Big Boots – ( Elvis Presley )
Pop Reed    Andy Wilkinson & Andy Hedges    Welcome To The Tribe
Uncle Lucky    Michael Hurwitz    Chrome On The Range
Daddy Sang Bass    Bar D Wranglers    Family Bible
Ridin’ With Jim Again    Andy Nelson    Land Mines    Cowboy
Froggy Went A-Courtin    Tex Ritter    The Very Best
Down In The Willow Garden    The Everly Brothers    Songs Of The South – Farther Along
Barbara Allen    Don Edwards    Last Of The Troubadours – Saddle Songs II
Papa, Can You Hear?    Benjamin Dehart    Takin’ Another Crack At It
Pistol Packin’ Papa    Jimmie Rodgers    The Ultimate Collection: The Singing Brakeman
My Daddy’s Music”    David Cline    My Daddy’s Music
Cowboy Philosopher    R J Vandygriff    Cowboy to the Bone
Angels    Neeta Mahaffey    Living A Dream
One Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse    Bill Barwick    Livin The Dream
Son Of Charlie Goodnight    Andy Wilkinson    Charlie Goodnight: His Life In Poetry And Song
Eli Crow-Barry Ward    West Of Dodge
L & N Don’t Stop Here Anymore    Jon Messenger    Blue Light Special #2
T For Texas    Merle Travis    Hot Pickin’ [Disc 1]

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