3-20-16 CowTrails

Western Belle
3-20-16 CowTrails

Don Edwards For President    The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers    Too Hot To Handle
Gringo’s Guitar    The Sons Of The Pioneers    Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs
Spring    Gary Fjellgaard    Grande Olde Ride
When The Roses Bloom Next Spring    Red Steagall    Love Of The West
Springs Winds    Neeta Mahaffey    Living A Dream
When It’s Springtime In Alaska (It’s Forty Below)    Johnny Horton    Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits
Springtime In Alberta    Ian Tyson    And Stood There Amazed
Spring Song    Jon Messenger    Blue Light Special #2
I’d Like to Be in Texas When They Roundup in the Spring    Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn    Western Serenade
Branding Pen Barbie    Andy Nelson    How I Taught Bruno A Lesson
Smoke Of The Brandin’ Fire    Allan Chapman    West Of The 98th Meridian
The Burning of the Brand    Dave Munsick    Forever West
The Branding Song    Daron Little    307
Riding For The Brand    Kerry Grombacher    Riding For The Brand
Riding For The Brand    David Anderson    Born To Be A Cowboy
Riding For The Brand    Brooke Ryan Turner    Riding For The Brand
All I Really Ever Wanted To Do Was Be A Cowboy    Benjamin Dehart Takin’ Another Crack At It
American Cowboy    Prairie Rose Wranglers    On The Trail
Anything But A Cowboy    Sons Of San Joaquin    Sons Of The San Joaquin 15 Years A Retrospective
Ballad Of The Irish Cowboy    Jim Jones    Still Ridin’
The Basque    Russel, Tom    Cowboy Real
Bass Reeves    R.W. Hampton    This Cowboy
The Vaquero Song    Dave Stamey    Tonopah
Belle Of The Cowboy Ball    Pat Meade    Les Buffham & Friends Writes & Co-Writes Vol 2
Belle Starr    Joni Harms    Cowgirl Dreams
Cowgirlography    Juni Fisher    Cowgirlography
Juni Fisher    Western Belle
We Were The Cowboys Too    LeeLee & Friends    Western Stars
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues    Chris LeDoux    Used To Want To Be A Cowboy/ Thirty Dollar Cowboy

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