Birth of a Western Girl…

Western Belle
Birth of a Western Girl...

how time gets away. Labor Day 1964 my Mom loaded all 9 (the oldest 15 the youngest 18 months old) of her children on the N&W train in Williamson West Va moving us to Gunnison CO. 3 days and 2 nights later we were blessed to be back together as a family as Daddy had come ahead of us to find a place for us.
Our new home would be on the Esty Ranch. My first day on the place was to explore, no snakes and mountains right in the yard! Mrs Esty was the first cowboy we met and she made a big difference in all our lives. So many firsts of the western lifestyle began there like going to the sale barn, moving cows, riding a horse,playing in the pond (later to discover it was the stock pond, no wonder it smelled so bad) and so many other adventures. We all missed our family back in Forest Hills, Kentucky but I have never wanted to leave the West, this is my home and I am so thankful for this blessed life I live.

Thank you my friends for sharing your lives with me.

9-1-19 CowTrail Playlist
When The Work’s All Done This Fall    Marty Robbins    Under Western Skies [Disc 2]
The Gather    Jim Reader    1880’s Cowboy   
The Gather    Wylie & The Wild West    Live! At the Tractor   
Gather Round Cowboys    David John And The Comstock Cowboy    Gather Round Cowboys   
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue    Carolyn Martin    Wild West Texas Wind   
T-Bone Steak And Spanish Wine    Tom Russell    October In The Railroad Earth   
Sweet Sarah    Ron Christopher    Into The West   
Catclaw Rose And Herbert    Grady Lee    Texas Sunset   
The Loan    Lynn Anderson    Cowgirl II   
Crime And Ranchin’    Craig Chambers    Goin’ To Town   
Slow Falling Rain    Mike Blakely    Ride The River   
Tonight Cowboy Your’e Mine    Joey and Rory       
Coyotes Are Howlin’    Joe Ely    Panhandle Rambler   
Saddle Up And Ride    Doug Figgs – Mikki Daniel    Thinkin Of You   
A Cowboys Romance    Abe Zacharia    I Still Wanna Be A Cowboy   
Woman Of The Wind    Paul Hendel    Writes & Co-Writes Vol I   
Silver Tongued Devil    Chris LeDoux    Sing Me A Song, Mr. Rodeo Man   
Red Velvet Slippers    Juni Fisher    Tumbleweed Letters   
The Ballad Of Joaquin Murrieta    Sons Of San Joaquin    Way Out Yonder   
A Cowboy Tune    Dennis Jay    Western Country   
Cowgirls Make The Rules    Terry Brown    It’s A Cowboy Thang
Ponies    Royal Wade Kimes    Cowboy Cool   
Another Mule    Gary Allegretto    Blues On The Trail           
Lonesome Cajun Song    Michael Hurwitz And The Aimless Drifters    Bunkhouse Blues   
In Care Of The Old Blue Moon    J Parson    The Outlaw Trail   
Sweet Summer Hay    Joni Harms    Lucky 13   
Lovin’ Arms    Bill Barwick    Sons Of The Tumbleweed   
Valley Of The Song    Dave Miller    Beauty Path   
Black Coffee And Peanut M&M’s    Averill Lovely    Someday   
My Little Red Wagon    Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing    Little Bit Of Texas   
Crazy Blue Eyes    Dawn Anita    The Dawn of Old Country   
Desperado Love    Conway Twitty    Silver Anniversary Collection   
Sad Songs and Waltzes    Waylon Jennings    Goin’ Down Rockin’ : The Last Recordings
Rita Ballou    Guy Clark    Old No. 1   
Magnolia Wind    Jim Wilson    West Of Somewhere       
Homeless     Shawn Camp    from Guy Clark’s 70th Birthday Concert
Old Five and Dimers    Shaver    Victory   
Cigarettes And Coffee Blues    Lefty Frizzell    Lefty’s 20 Golden Hits   
Silver Wings    Merle Haggard    16 Biggest Hits   
One More Song To Write    Willie Nelson    Ride Me Back Home           
Tennessee Waltz    Lacy J. Dalton    Greatest Hits
Readin Riting, Rt 23      Dwight Yoakam               
Blue Yodel (T for Texas) – Jimmy Rodgers    Jimmy Rogers    Jimmy Rogers   

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