CowTrails Playlist 9-5-21

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails Playlist 9-5-21

Come join as we remember the Tools, Trades and Times of the working Men and Women via music! Barbara has assembled another great and diverse playlist of Western artists, singer/songwriters. Many of whom are working cowboys. Be careful, this music can be addictive leading you to do crazy things like buy cowboy hats and horses!

The Campfire Has Gone Out    Don Edwards    Last Of The Troubadours – Saddle Songs II       
Living Off The Land    Donnie Blanz    Words & Music       
Night Rider’s Lament    Tom Perlman    Spirit Of The West       
Trade Off    Gillette Brothers    Cohorts & Collaborators ~ Songs Written With Waddie       
Born To The Saddle    Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn    Born To The Saddle       
M.C. Horses    Ian Tyson    All the Good ‘uns       
Junior Sold His Saddle    J Parson    Cowboy Nothin’ More       
Rusty Old Spurs    Michael Hurwitz    Cowboy Fandango   
Old Rope Corral    W.C. Jameson    In A Large And Lonesome Land       
The Hat Song    Mike Blakely    The Outside Circle       
These Cowboy Boots    Allan Chapman    Sixth Generation (tales of the west)       
The Old Cocinero    Kerry Grombacher    Riding For The Brand       
Cowboy Coffee    Shake Russell And Michael Hearne    Shake Russel And Michael Hearne Live       
Sierry Boots    Juni Fisher    Tumbleweed Letters       
It’s A Cowboy Thang    Terry Brown    It’s A Cowboy Thang       
Ridin’ With Red    Jon Chandler    The Gang       
Night Hawk    Charlie Daniels    Night Hawk       
Inside The Same Fence    Red Steagall    Hats Off To The Cowboy    Country    0   
Drivin’ The Bozeman Trail    The Lobo Rangers    Campfire Music – Best Of The Early Years 1990-1995       
Best Dang Life    Marvin O’Dell    California Trails       
Cowboy Up    Joni Harms    Let’s Put The Western Back In The Country       
Wild, Wild Women Of The Wild, Wild West    Lynn Anderson    Cowgirl       
Cowboy On The Loose    Royal Wade Kimes    Love Of A Cowboy   
She’s Leaving Cheyenne    John Lowell    She’s Leaving Cheyenne       
The Old Double Diamond    Gary McMahan    Saddle ’em Up And Go!       
The Bronco Twister’s Prayer    Andy Hedges    Days And Nights In The Saddle       
Angels Can Do No More    Andy Wilkinson    Storyteller, Part One       
Glory Ride    Chuck Cusimano    Cowboys And Money       
The Aspen Trees    Richard Elloyan    Ordinary Cowboy       
Get Behind The Mule    Jon Messenger    Blue Light Special #2       
Silverbell Mine    Chris Brashear, Peter Mclaughlin, & Todd Phillips    The Colton House Sessions – Songs For The Southwest       
Miner’s Refrain    Gillian Welch    Hell Among The Yearlings       
Silver Line    Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line       
The Old Narrow Gauge    Bill Clark    The Man I Am       
The Traveling Medicine Show    David John & The Comstock Cowboys    Runaway Train       
Truck Drivin Man    Red Steagall    Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music       
At The Truck Stop    Dave Stamey    Western Stories       
Flatbed Annie, The Truck Driving Queen    Dawn Anita Diffie    Keeps On Truckin       
Eagle    Dave Dudley    20 Truck Driver Favorites       
Young Man’s Job    Old Dogs    Old Dogs: Jennings – Tillis – Bare – Reed       
Let’s Hear It For The Working Man    Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley    Country Legends The Working Man       
National Working Woman’s Holiday    Sammy Kershaw    The Hits: Chapter 1       
Oney    Johnny Cash    Country Legends The Working Man   
The Carpenter    John Conlee    Country Legends The Working Man           
Take This Job And Shove It    Johnny Paycheck    Country Favorites [Disc 1]