CowTrails 10-22-17

Western Belle
Western Belle
CowTrails 10-22-17

Buddies In The Saddle    Peter Rowan & Don Edwards    High Lonesome Cowboy
Ed Trafton    Michael Hurwitz    Chrome On The Range
Bill Venero    R.W. Hampton    Troubadour
In Care Of The Old Blue Moon    J Parson    The Outlaw Trail
Boxcars Of Juarez    Allan Chapman    Songs From The Prairie
Canadian Whiskey    Ian Tyson (with Nancy Griffith)
Black-Eyed Caballero    Katy Moffatt    Cowboy Girl
The Lost Lonesome High    Andy Wilkinson & Andy Hedges Welcome To The Tribe
38 Cents    Pipp Gillette    Singing Songs By Waddie & Pipp
Wildorado    Bob Marshall    Horses That Run Far Away
Ride Through The Country    Bob Corley    It’s Me
Mexico    Marshall Mitchell    The Cowboy In Me
Charlie Dunn    Paul Larson/P L Cowboy Music    Home
Grand Fathers Clock    Gary Cook, Ranger Doug    Springtime In The Rockies
Let Me Sell You A Dream    Dave Stamey    Western Stories
Paint Her Real    Donnie Blanz    Words & Music
Along The Buffalo    Belinda Gail    Granite Mountain
Chasing The Sun    Evelyn Roper    Bridging The Barb Wire
Lonely Windmill    Kip Calahan    Dust Devil Angel
Got in It for the Romance    Randy Huston & Hannah Huston Cowboys and Girls
You Didn’t Need A Cowboy    Sand Sheff    Dust
Western Moon    Lynne Belle Lewis    Thru My Horse’s Ears
Ain’t Givin’ In    Dan McCorison    A Diamond for Your Heart
All Around Cowboy    Chris LeDoux    20 Originals: The Early Years
Skyball Paint    Bar D Wranglers    Born To The Saddle
Donny Catch A Horse    R.W. Hampton    The One That I Never Could Ride
Summer Wages    Mike Beck    Pine Street Girl
Friend Of The Devil (w/Bob Weir)    Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Friends of Mine
One More For The Road    Rick Devin    Distant Lands

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Western Belle
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